Think Tank For Junior Wardens


Everything in Freemasonry is said to have symbolic meaning.  Many Masons have their own interpretations of the various symbols and of how Masonic teachings relate to day-to-day living.

As you Journey towards the East, you will find yourself more and more intrigued with the symbolism of the Masonic order.  The intrigue will, hopefully, stimulate your thinking process as it obviously did that of the artist whose work is shown on the opposite page. [see below]

THINK!  It's a good exercise for the active mind which good Lodge officers must have.



Congratulations!  You have been elected JUNIOR WARDEN of your symbolic Lodge.  If you "keep your nose clean" you can expect to be Master of your Lodge in a couple of years.  Remember, though, there is a lot more to it than just keeping your nose clean.  It looks easy!  There's not much ritual to be learned, and there is much more to observe from the South than the "meridian sun."  This is a BIG step.  There's a lot to do, and the sooner you start, the better off you and the lodge will be.

NOW is the time when you must start preparing to become the BEST Master the lodge has ever had.  A self-established goal of any less than that is useless.  You must prepare NOW.  Prepare yourself - psychologically - mentally - emotionally - financially - socially.  Don't make the mistake of putting off until next year the PLANNING which you must do NOW.

Some of those things you must do are very obvious.  Of course, you must be prepared to step into the SENIOR Warden's station if, for some reason, he cannot be present.  And, you must be sure you know and understand your own duties.  These are naturally your immediate priorities.  But what then?

In looking forward to your journey to the EAST, it will be much easier if you study and evaluate the past.  Learn what have been the strong points and weaknesses of your lodge.  Evaluate those strengths and shortcomings, so that you can learn from them.  As there are no two people exactly the same, so there are no two lodges exactly alike.  You must pattern your plane and programs to fit your lodge.  NOW is the time to start doing it!


This booklet is designed to give you ideas - ideas which may or may not work in your particular lodge.  It is not designed to be a manual or to give all of the answers to all problems.  Just as big business and government have found, it may be that the THINK TANK process of bouncing ideas around will benefit you as you draw designs upon your Trestleboard.  It should stimulate your thinking, which is the first important step in planning and preparation.




As in any endeavor, you must establish goals...not "pie in the sky"...but goals that can be realistically and logically achieved.  Here are just a few ideas you might like to consider as GOALS.

1. Increase attendance.
2. Better ritualistic work.
3. An improved program of Masonic Education.
4. More social activity and better fellowship.
5. Stimulate individual involvement.
6. Improved meeting notices.
7. Better liaison with other bodies and youth groups.
8. More activity for the ladies.
9. Establishment or improvement of a lodge library.
10. More concern for the ones suffering from "sickness and distress."  Hospital visits.
11. Closer attention to visiting Brethren.
12. Improved fiscal condition.
13. Concern for the widows and orphans.
14. Stemming the flow of suspension for NPD.
15. Preparation or updating of the lodge library.
16. Emphasis on Public Relations.
17. Candidate Instruction.
18. Inter-lodge visitations.


Of course, anything new and different invites criticism and opposition.  From the Massachusetts York Rite Bulletin, we have borrowed "Twenty Retorts Which Kill Progress," (with slight editorial changes):


1. "It won't work in our lodge."
2. "We've tried that before."
3. "It's too radical a change."
4. "It isn't in the budget."
5. "We don't have the time."
6. "It's not practical."
7. "Don't be ridiculous."
8. "It doesn't fit in our program."
9. "We've never done it before."
10. "Our lodge is too small for that."
11. "It's too progressive for us."
12. "Let's get back to reality."
13. "That's not our problem."
14. "Why change?  We're getting along OK."
15. "We're not ready for that."
16. "Can't teach an old dog new tricks."
17. "The Past Masters would never go for it."
18. "We did all right without it."
19. "Let's try it next year after some study."
20. "Has anyone else tried it?"